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Breeding Israeli typical salukis who could work and fit to the standard

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Some info about the kennel : 
Our breeding kennel name is "Nehsama Tova"' or in a free translation, "great soul" - also means good, kind, thoughtful, moral ; pleasant ; appropriate, fitting, good for ; successful ; well behaved.
 In Hebrew "Tova" is a very positive meaning word . Our main goal is to make sure that all our salukis, will represent each and every one of the "Tova" meaning, and will make their owners satisfied and happy, in standing up to the breed standards at the exhibition world, as well as in the race world, and even as active therapy dogs We are volunteering with the salukis in a day care for senior people. Our salukis love new people and happy to have new human and doggie friends !

Our main focus in breeding is on stable nature, typical local heads (that have become quite rare), intelligence, breeding as close as possible to the breed standard, high physical capacities, high stamina, powerful instincts and of course healthy or as I say -

The salukis have charmed me tremendously and became a part of my small family. Sadly at 2011 I had a break in to the house and 3 of my loved salukis were stolen, till those days (November 2014) they were not found. If that wasn't enough to harm me and my breeding plans, between the 15.07.12-26.08.12 some one really crazy had poison 8 dogs (at 4 times in our own garden) who were living with me, 3 of them were rescues who looked for new homes, 1 dog was stolen, 6 died and only my mix survived that but sadly latter he died cause of side affects of the poisoning, about 18 months latter. May all RIP in saluki heaven and watch us from above. Now I am trying to re-build my breeding program again for the 3rd time in very short time and hope this time the salukis will stay with me till an old age and bring me joy for many years.
I really hope that from now on, we will have only good news and the only way I will ever lose a dog will be from now only for old age !!

In 2014 I have added few new puppies to our breeding plan, most connected one way or another to blood lines we "lost". Sense I do not believe in letting salukis live in cage, most of my dogs live in wonderful breeding terms or co-owned homes, that way they can get much more attention and love !

For 2015/2016 I have big plans - I plan to bring back the first puppy from our saluki project from USA, plan to bring a beautiful new girl who came out from a breeding with Jawi (breed and owned by the kennel) and Amna - born in Spain and get a new pup from Urnia Al Amira Kennel - Israel, breeding -hopefully smooth. Thank you a dear new friend we will also have a new co-owned import girl from lines I been dreaming about for year ! 
This days, I live with 4 Salukis , Is ch+Grand ch+Int ch Jawar Mashal El Nur Neshama Tova AKA Jawi (sand color male), IL ch Dreams come True Nemesh Neshama Tova AKA Nemesh (black and ten female) - who usually lives in breeding terms but she is back to here for a while, IL Junior ch, IL ch and IL grand ch Hetem n'Agzir AKA Josh (Black and Silver male) that I co-own with Urnia Al Amira Kennel (our first ever import) and Very Precious Gift Neshama Tova (tri-color female) breed by me + Reut Dishbak and owned by me and Julia Vozilikin (Urnia Al Amira kennel). In the pic my two multi ch boys and me - Jawi and Josh. This lovely pic was taken by Igal Prado, Israel.


All of my dogs are of stable nature, and most function (or will function) as therapy dogs. They are all active participants in beauty competitions in Israel, as well as in lure coursing competitions, all are well known to the most appreciated "old" breeders in Israel. All our dogs lives in the house, get much love, super premium dog food, lots of treats, bones and good run at list 4 times a week if not more ! 
Lovely pic taken by Reut Dishbak with me, my babies and 2 co-owned puppies from my VAV litter 


 Neshama Tova Salukis Wish you great day !


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